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What is Led Power Flares, LED Road Flares?

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What is Led Power Flares, Led Road Flares?

Led power flare is an essential piece of equipment for police, firefighters, EMTs, rescue services, first responders, members of emergency response teams and the general public.Led Power Flares(or called Led Road Flares) are the environmentally responsible emergency safety light that give you nine power flare modes and make it seen. It is a flameless, non-toxic, battery-powered flare in a plastic crushproof enclosure that is illuminated by multiple ultra-bright LED lights instead of a flame.The LED Power Flares is a smart alternative to the strike flares normally seen on the roadways surrounding a car accidents and other traffic changes. The Led Power Flares has many unique features that make it a great alternative for road flares.It is widely used for construction equipment, docks, accidents scenes, fire, rescue, runways, military, races, sport events, crowd control.

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