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Winfys Claims To Be The Best Led Road Flares Supplier In The Present Market!


LED road flares considered as a flameless, non-positions, battery driven flares within a waterproof and crushproof enclosure that’s illuminated by manifold ultra bright LED lights. In fact, LED road flares are assembled of high power plastic comprising TPR, TPE and PC. Winfys Industrial Limited claims to be one of the China’s leading manufactures of LED road flares, offering led flares that produces wide range of rechargeable led road flares, non-rechargeable led road flares, 24 led road flares and16 led road flares.

Winfys provide OEM service & all the LED road flares accessible in customized color and logo. They’re dedicated to offering their consumers with exceptional services as well as the supreme quality stuffs. Their stuffs have been  sold well in America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

However, compared to conventional road flares, the LED road flares have several advantages. First of all they are totally waterproof. For this reason, such kinds of lightings are ideal for boats & watercraft safety. Also, Led road flares are small enough to keep inside a tank bag, saddle bag, or even under small underseat storage that most of the bikes have. It could be used fruitfully to signal emergency night, and within all environmental state comprising adverse states like snow and fog.

Conventional road flares burn out within fifteen minutes but LED road flares can run for fifty hours continuously. The best thing about LED road flare is they are eco-friendly and produce no harmful gas whatsoever. Keeping all these things in mind, Winfys Industrial Limited assures to offer the best of LED road flares that suits both your budget and requirement. Equipped with some professional technicians, Winfys claims to be the best LED road flares supplier in the present market.

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