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led warnleuchte
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· 16 extra helle LEDs mit hoher Lichtintensität

· die Leuchtfarbe der LEDs entspricht der des Schutzmantels

· Schnelle Einsatzfähigkeit

· kompakte Ausmaße (Durchmesser ca. 10,8 cm; Höhe: ca. 3,5 cm)

· Gewicht: ca. 230 g

· mit stark haftenden Magneten

· Gehäuse aus super starkem Plastik mit flexiblem TPR- Plastik Schutz

· Wasserdicht und somit schwimmfähig (für Skipper und Taucher geeignet)

·  Mit 9 verschiedenen Leuchtprogrammen/ Blinkfolgen

· Sichtbarkeit Tagsüber: bis zu 300 m

· Sichtbarkeit Nachts: bis zu 800 m

· Sichtbarkeit Luft/Wasser: bis zu 15 km

· Lieferumfang: Warnleuchte inkl. Batterie oder Akku mit Ladegerät

Dazu zählen:

  • Rotierendes Licht

  • Doppel blitzen

  • Einfaches blitzen

  • Wechsellicht

  • SOS Morsecode

  • Dauerlicht (alle LED an)

  • Dauerlicht – gedimmt (alle LED an)

  • Zwei LED Dauerlicht

  • Vier LED Dauerlicht


16 LED WARNLEUCHTE rechargeable



9-IN-1 Flash Patterns


with Magnetic Base

Designed for shock,vibration,andwater-resistance.

Perfect for Agriculture,HarvestingSeason,Tractor, Combine.

Truck - Trailer - Snowplow - Car -GolfCart- Boat - Marina- Bike

When you need to alert others to a road hazard or are in need of lighteven during aheavy rain, Rechargeable LED WARNLEUCHTE isabeacon thatgets noticed. Because it is durable, functional in anyweathercondition,compliant with traffic and safety regulations, magnetic,andsubmersible to 50feet, this red flashing light (also availableinyellow/amber) has a million andone uses.

The Rechargeable LED WARNLEUCHTE has 9 different flashingpatterns, with the16 bright LEDscapable of being seen up to 1/2 mile. Choosefrom rotate, singleblink,alternating blinks, quad flash, high steady light, lowsteady light, 2LEDflashlight, 4 LED flashlight, and S.O.S. Rescue Morse Code.Now that's asafetyflare that means business.

Thisrechargeable Rechargeable LED WARNLEUCHTE offers somanygreatbenefits. Compared to other road flares, the RechargeableLED WARNLEUCHTE excels inlong-lasting durability. We'retalking a crush-proof andcorrosion-proofpolycarbonate plastic exterior andimpact resistant rubberhousing. What's more,this Rechargeable LEDWARNLEUCHTE offers low maintenance with aninternallithium batterythat's rechargeable so there are no costly batteriesorreplacement concerns.

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2. with strongmagnet base
3. with 12v car charegeror 110v/240v ac wall charger
4. One heat resistantrechargeable CR123 lithium battery
5. PCB with over-chargingfunction
6. 24 Super bright LEDs
7. Lighting distance: 1/2mile
8. 24PCS super brightorange LED bulbs, working life ismore than 100,000 hours

9. Working model:9 in 1 flashing

10. Weight: 230g
11. Color: Yellow, red,blue, green, and white
12. Size: 10 diameter,3.5cm high
13. Charging time: two tothree hours
14. Working temp: --40degree ---- + 60 degree
15. Life time: Three tofive years
16. Warranty: 6 months

17. Easyinstallation, no maintenance
18. Environmentallyfriendly, no pollution
19. Led energy-basedpower source
20. High visibility LED'shelp ensure easy and safe nightdriving
21. Ideal for highways,parking lots, roads and similarisolated or stand-alone traffic applications

9 Flash  Patterns

Operating  Time


7 hours

Quad Flash

7 hours

Single Blink

50 hours

Alternating Blinks

7 hours

S.O.S. (Morse Code)

12 hours

Steady on - high

4 hours

Steady on - low

30 hours

2-LED Flashlight

7 hours

4-LED Flashlight

5 hours

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