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Reflective Traffic Post
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1.Reflective Plastic Fleixble Traffic Post Specifications:

1.Body Size:Dia 80*750 mm

2. Base Size:200mm

3.Material:PU, EVA, PE or PVC

4.Max pressure: 16 Tons

2.Reflective Plastic Fleixble Traffic Post Advantages:

1.This post can be bound to original situation after receiving bump or hit.

It can warning the drivers effectives efficiently, even if the vehicles bump the warning post.

There will not exist the second hurt to people or car.

2.Strikingly color in the day ,and  it can reflect dazzling rays of light at night to catch the drivers attention.

3.It is  ideal for traffic delineation,guiding at the gate or road crossing.

4.UV resistant,no fading and ageing.

5.Lastic design means no damage to vehicles when knocked.

* Center Lane Dividing for narrow roads

* Multi lanes for broad roads

* Sharp Curves

* Traffic Islands

* At the start of central verge (where single road becomes double road)

* No Stop Zone at T Shape road traffic signals

* Parking lots

* Construction Zones

* No Entry Zone

* Dangerous medians and 'U' Turn etc.

7.Sunproof, waterproof and weather resistant

Reflective Plastic Fleixble Traffic Post

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