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6 Pack Led Emergency Road Flares Amber Orange
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6 Pack Led Emergency Road Flares Amber Orange

Led Emergency Road Flares is a great device that makes your car great visiblity and alert

people to hazards when you breaks down. It makes also you and your car seen and safe.


1. Each led emergency flare has 16super bright LEDs, visible up to 1/2 mile

2. 9 flashing patterns including SOS Rescue (Morse Code)

3. Powerful magnet to attach to metal surfaces

4. Made of durable materials, crush proof, corrosion proof

withstand being run over by motor vehicles

5. Waterproof and submersible to 50 feet

6.120/240V wall charger and 12/24V car charger

7.Colours optioal:

Red, Yellow, Amber (Orange) , Blue, Green, White, Black

Amber Light in Black Shell

Red/Amber combination in Black Shell

Red/Amber combination in Yellow Shell

Red/Amber combination in Amber Shell

Red/Blue combination in Black Shell

Red/Blue combination in Yellow Shell

Red/Blue combination in Amber Shell

6 Pack Led Emergency Road Flares Amber Orange


1.  Read all instructions before operating.

2.  Do not look directly at the light. It may cause injury to your eyes.

3.  Turn off all lights before charging

4.   Do not use alcohol, flammable solutions, or other solvents on or near this unit.
Only clean with warm water and a soft cloth.

5.  Administer close supervision when using around children.

6 Pack Led Emergency Road Flares Amber Orange

6 Pack Led Emergency Road Flares Amber Orange6 Pack Led Emergency Road Flares Amber Orange

Amber 6-Pack Rechargeable Led Emergency Flares Led Road Flares Kits


1.  Put flares into charging case with front side facing up. The (+) and (-)  terminal symbols will be aligned.
2.  Plug 12V/24V car charger or 110V/220V wall charger into power port of  charging case.
3.  Connect to power supply, the indicator ligt aside flares will light up as  below.
Charging:  The indicator light aside flares turns RED and make a Green/Red alternating  flash.
Fully  Charged: The indicator light aside flares stop flash and keep steady after 8  to 10 hours.


If  indicator light turns red, not flashing, it means flares is placed  incorrectly and can not be charged.
If  so, move flare left or right, up or down and the indicator light will flash  and flares start to charge.

Flash Pattern and Run Time

How to use led emergency road flares?

1. Press ON/OFF button to switch ON

2. Push ON/OFF button to select from 9 different flash patterns

3. Press ON/OFF button and hold down for 3 seconds to switch OFF


1.Safer and ecologically better for our environment than flame style led emergency road flares.
No spark, open flame, fumes or toxic chemicals are produced when using the LED Emergency Road Flare.
2.Shock resistant construction makes the Flare very durable and can withstand the  impact of roadside
traffic. Can even be run over by a truck and still operate. Used by fire, police, and  other emergency

3.Lie flat or on its edge depending on your reference. Place on the road, on construction sites, vehicle
bumper or other surface, and anywhere needing emergency signaling.

4.The LED Emegrency Road Flare is waterproof and may be used for marine applications and safely in wet
environments, including submerged to a depth of 50 feet. Will float unless secured.
5.Using the magnet on the back, attach to any magnetic metal surface. Place on a vehicle, fence, or
other metal surface.

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