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6 Pack Rechargeable Led Safety Light
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6 Pack Rechargeable Led Safety Light

LED Safety light is highly efficient and durable LED lights and with 16 super bright LEDs to reach

wide angles and high brightness. LED Safety Light is great for keeping pedestrians and vehicles

visible under low-light and extrme conditions including night, rainy and foggy days.

LED Safety light features one magnet and one loophole ane easy to mounted on car, vehicles or any metal surface or hang on bike or motorcycles.

The Led Safety light is an ideal signal light to identify Road Hazards, Mark Detours, Underwater

Repair Applications and more and A great item to keep in your vehicle at all times that can be used to

signal for help or identify road hazards and used for police, firefighters, EMTs, rescue services, first responders, members of emergency response teams and the general public and used in cars, trucks, boats, RVs, semi-trucks, construction zones

and emergency response vehicles.

6 Pack Rechargeable Led Safety Light6 Pack Rechargeable Led Safety Light


  • 360 Degree Amber (Orange) LED Solid State with No Filament

  • Long Lasting with 10 Year Shelf Life

  • 9 User Selectable Light Patterns

  • Emergency Services Technology available for safety consumer use!

  • Magnetic Base, easy to be mounted on car or metal surface

  • Waterproof and Crushproof, can be run over by car,truck or SUV

  • Diameter 12cm x 3.5cm tall

  • With Rechargeable CRA123 Lithium battery

Flashing Mode and Running Time

9 Flash PatternsOperating Time
Rotate7 hours
Quad Flash7 hours
Single Blink50 hours
Alternating Blinks7 hours
S.O.S. (Morse Code)12 hours
Steady on - high4 hours
Steady on - low30 hours
2-LED Flashlight7 hours
4-LED Flashlight5 hours



2.with strong magnet base
3. with 12v/24v car chareger or 110v/240v ac wall charger
4. One heat resistant rechargeable CR123 lithium battery
5. PCB with over-charging function
6. 16 Super bright LEDs
7. Lighting distance: 1/2 mile
8. 16 PCS super bright orange LED bulbs, working life is more than 100,000 hours

9.Working model: 9 in 1 flashing

10.Weight: 230g
11. Color: Yellow, red, blue, orange(amber),green, black and white
12. Size: 10 diameter, 3.5cm high
13. Charging time: two to three hours
14. Working temp: --40 degree ---- + 60 degree
15. Life time: Three to five years
16. Warranty: 6 months

17.Easy installation, no maintenance
18. Environmentally friendly, no pollution
19. Led energy-based power source
20. High visibility LED's help ensure easy and safe night driving.

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2. 24 Led Safety Light
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4. Rechargeable Led Safety Light

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